A Routine Change Turned a Couch Potato into a Marathoner

I want to ask you a question about your daily routine –  “Are you happy with your daily routine?

If your answer is “yes”, then hit me up because I want to know how you did it. SERIOUSLY, I want to know. That’s so awesome!

If you haven’t, then my next question is “What are YOU doing to change your routine?

You may be in 1 of 2 places –

1) either you’ve tried to make changes, but you’ve gone back to your old ways OR

2) you don’t know how to even begin.

Either way, I’m here to help.


Because the world needs you at your best. I believe that, at our best, we can make positive change and make the world a better place. Kinda corny, I know, but there’s only one you, and there’s something unique that only you can bring to the table. So what are you going to do?

Alright, bear with me, coz I’m going to take a minute and explain who I am. First of all, I’m just an ordinary dude. Lazy by nature. Nothing.Special.

I love couch surfing, watching Netflix, and finding the bottom of a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Phish food (there has to be crack in that stuff coz it’s sooooo good).

homer simpson drooling about his daily routine

Okay, I got off topic. Where was I? Oh yeah, “ordinary dude”…

Like I said, I’m not blessed with any “natural talent”. I’m not a pro-athlete-turned-life-coach. I am just an “Average Joe,” and one day I looked around and realized I wasn’t happy with where my life was going. I had just finished grad school, I got a good paying job (especially right after the 2008 financial crisis), but something didn’t feel right. But I couldn’t quite figure out exactly what it was. 

I became obsessed with the idea of figuring if this “is the best life has to offer”, and I stumbled upon the idea that my daily routine impacts my productivity and happiness. In other words, my daily routine dictates whether I’m ever going to see my best days, so I decided I wanted more out of me. I wanted more out of my routine. 

So what did I do?

I signed up for a half marathon when I was 24, and picked my butt off the couch. 

Why a half marathon?

Because I’ve always hated running. I HATED it, but I thought, “If I get myself to stick to doing something I hate, then I can get myself to do anything”. 

So what happened next?

Fast forward 2 months. Race day came around, the gun went off, I destroyed the competition, won the race, and set a new course record!

borat telling a not joke about routine

IF only that were true! The truth is, I struggled. I struggled BAD.

I was inconsistent with my training, my nutrition wasn’t great, and I ended up carrying my carcass across the finish line around 2 hours and 20 minutes. Nothing to write home about…

But the truth is, even though I will never win a half-marathon EVER with that time (unless I was racing a bunch of turtles), I am SO proud of it because of what it means to me. That time symbolizes my will, my strength, my potential. It allowed me to feel for a moment what it’s like to not give up to fear and doubt, and to feel truly satisfaction.

I was hooked after that.

I wanted to see how much I could improve. “Maybe I can drop down to 2 hours,” I thought. Well, I’m down to 1 hour and 30 minutes. I shaved 50 minutes off my time! And I’m working to get myself down to 80 minutes. And then 70 minutes after that. 

Now, I’m not telling you this because I want to brag (coz I’m not). I’m telling you all this because I want to share with you the simple approach I used that has allowed me to take control of my routine and of my life.

It’s what I like to call the “Chillpill Method”, and it’s all about “small wins”, rewiring habits, and developing lasting routines that lead to a healthy, happy life.

Full disclosure – I’ve been inconsistent with my goals. Whenever I’m not “Chillpill”-ing, I fail. However, when I do “Chillpill”, I always end up surprising myself with what I can accomplish.

Now, let me ask you again – “Is your daily routine the best you could possibly have?

Actually, let me rephrase that – “Do you want to take control of your daily routine and to live the life you desire?

The answer better be “Yeah” or “Hell Yeah” or some NSFW version of that. Or a good ol’ fashion “Wooo!”

Ric Flair Wooing about Routine

If not, then stop reading coz what I have isn’t for you, and you can go back to living your life always having that NAGGING feeling inside constantly asking, “is this the best I have to offer?

For the rest of us who want to see what’s beyond the horizon, why don’t we get there together? Let’s do it! You and me! 

Look, this isn’t going to be a cake walk. I promise you this won’t be easy and fast, but rarely is anything good in life easy. There’s no silver bullet. That’s the rub. But what I can promise you is that I’m here to help you get to the top of your mountain. And we’re going to get there together!

Alright, enough talk. More Chillpill!

tina fey excited about jumpstarting her daily routine

Thanks for reading and I’ll look forward to connecting soon!

Stay awesome!



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