The 1 Thing You Need to Nail Your New Year’s Resolution

A New Year. A New Resolution. Why is It so Hard to Stick to Resolutions?

We’ve all been there. A new year, a new goal. Another New Year’s Resolution… 

“This year I’m going to lose 10 lbs.”

“…I’m going to start running.”

“…I’m not going to eat chocolate.”

What was your New Year’s Resolution last year? Was it any of the above? Did you hit it?

Well, if you’re reading this, you probably didn’t. (That’s okay, we’ll fix that this year).

If you were really dedicated, you probably lasted until March or April. Hell, most people feel GOOD when they can get to January 15th sticking to their goal. I’m not the first to or will be the last person to write about New Year’s Resolutions. There are tons of articles out there to talk about what you should do. Like this one called “4 Scientifically Proven Methods For Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution”. And this one – “10 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick”.

But even with ALL of this information, we still tend to give up after the second week of January. Somehow our motivation and momentum just…fade

A kid collapses because his resolution never sticks

Why is it so hard to stick to the plan? Well, it’s probably coz you do the same thing year in and year out – you just throw out a goal, put your finger in the wind, and hope it sticks.

man crossing his fingers hoping his resolutions stick

You know what they call doing the same thing over and over again thinking you’ll get a different result? Insanity!

So, why don’t we try something new for 2016?

And because I’m a nice guy, I will share with you my secret to crushing your New Year’s resolution or ANY goal you’re thinking of achieving.

The secret? Visualization.

To be more specific, you have to visual your success.

I know what you’re thinking. “Hien, this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!”

And you’re right. It is stupid. Stupidly simple! But here’s the thing – it works. Have you tried visualizing your goal before…

Seriously…have you? If no, then don’t knock til you’ve tried it!

man drops a mic and walks away after winning an argument about resolutions

Visualization is always the one thing that separates people who reach their goals and those who don’t. 

Why is that?

Coz Life doesn’t care what your goals are. It’s sad, but true. However, Life isn’t out to sabotage you either. It’s just not going to go out of it’s way to make things easier. You can’t succeed purely off of willpower. According to research, willpower has  a finite supply. Think of it as a water bottle. If you keep drinking from it without refilling it, at some point, it’s going to be empty. And when that happens, you start reaching out for pieces of german chocolate cake or Phish food, even though you know you shouldn’t.


So you need a way to keep you straight when things aren’t smooth. Every journey needs a compass. Your vision is your compass

Like the saying goes “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” And the “tough” are those who can push through the suck. The one commonality amongst those that do is that they can visual their success. Those who experience potential are those who can see their goal. taste it, smell it, feel it. That’s how I was able to get my half marathon time down from 2 hours to 1.5 hours in the span of 3 months. 3 months! And how I cut fast food out of my life for the last 5-6 years.

Trust me, I get tempted to scarf down a Wendy’s Spicy Chicken sandwich or a Mickey D’s quarter pounder (“Royale with Cheese” to the French), but I don’t. I’m using my success vision to bring me back to my senses. To help me know that I’ll feel so much better in the end not eating the “Royale with Cheese”.

royale with cheese and resolutions

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You can keep doing what you’ve done in the past. Good luck with that! (Seriously, good luck. Just coz you don’t want to try something different means I want you to fail. I don’t. I want you to succeed.)

Let’s make 2016 the best year yet, and smash that goal you have! New Year. New Goal.

green man smiles and smashes his resolutions

I’m ready if you are. 

Stay Awesome! 

Hien (like the ketchup without the Z)


Have you tried visualizing success? What were the results? Leave a comment below and tell us all about it. Remember, be like Fonzie – BE COOL.


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