About Us





What we believe

At Chillpill, we believe healthy living shouldn’t suck. There shouldn’t be a difference between healthy living and just plain living. It should be fun to develop healthy habits and to crush your goals, whatever they may be.

How we can help

The Blog

We decided early on that we wanted almost everything that we do completely free.  The blog lets us do just that! We can share practical tools, strategies, and ideas instantly and at zero cost to you. All the info you need to create the confidence and habits that allow you live with purpose. 

Online Courses

We love technology and we're grateful to live in a world where we can offer incredible educational experiences at a reasonable cost. We know that making meaningful change in our lives is an extremely difficult thing to do, so we need to make it fun and engaging. Our courses are based on feedback directly from you and we do our best to keep things light and fun even when we're tackling big challenges.

Personal Coaching

We love working with you one on one. Digging in to what makes individuals creative, free, and happy is endlessly fulfilling to us. We block off time to work with you one on one even when we're busy making blog entries, course material, or writing code. We know the fastest way get you to your goal is by working with directly with you. There's no substitute for good, old fashioned conversation and brainstorming.






It worked for us

We don't to claim that we have all the answers. We don't. We can guarantee that nobody will work harder to help you on your journey toward happiness. We've spent thousands of hours researching, hacking, and laughing at our failures to find what works. We made simplifying health and happiness our life's work, so that you can spend your time on your's. Our approach has worked for others and we sincerely hope that it works for you. If not, that's cool too. We can still be BFFs 🙂





Empathy – Everything we do is based on the idea that we can only make the world a better place with compassion and empathy.

Have Fun – We believe fun should be part of everything we do. Life’s too short to not enjoy every moment.

Adventurous – Embrace the unknown and have the courage to make history.

Think Big – We challenge convention, dream of what could be, and create it. Dreams are meant to be lived.

Scrappy – Our mentality is always to simplify, to “Do More with Less”.

Be Humble, No Ego – Working together and checking egos at the door is the only way any team succeeds.

Spirit of Service – We have a sense of responsibility to humanity and the world we share.

Creativity – Dare to be different. When in doubt, break boundaries.

Curiosity – Have a constant desire to explore, to learn, and grow. You’re never finished. What’s next?

Courage –  Nothing great is ever accomplished by staying in your comfort zone. Tap into your potential and thrive in the face of uncertainty.






What We Study

The old, the new and the weird. We believe that health and happiness achieved balance between mind, body and spirit. Certainly, that isn't a new idea - and that's the point. As students of philosophy we're fascinated by the solutions that we've studied that are thousands of years old. Those old, bearded dudes who we've only seen in statue form were onto something - what they say absolutely works. What is new are the challenges of using their approaches in a modern society where the demands on our attention have gotten out of control. We combine the old and the new to make everyone 1% better everyday.